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Robert is working against AIDS in children

Robert is working on several partnerships against AIDS in children in a vulnerable state

"Look at this comment, which left a girl in the New Moon Blog meyer ... I really found veryintersante, she was talking to kristen's post 'Kristen cares about his fans in France'' andsaid this of rob: ...

mariannejean, 02/05/2012 3:11:16
It is sooooo sweet, I love it, the best girl ... to the best guy .... the two are so sweet.

Yesterday came a donation to the hospital where I work, for the children's wing where many boys are boys who are seen in a vulnerable state, and came a list of people who collaborated in this donation and the name ... was Robert!! I moved a lot and one of the doctors told me that he knew that Robert was active in several organizations ranging in aidof kids in a vulnerable state and I did not know! I share it because I thought it was very nice of you. "